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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Paid To Blog

Its my pleasure and hangout to write everything in my site. For me, blogging is great I can express my opinion, ideas, write my views, thoughts, and post everything I want then publish in my blog. I can let others also read my post and let them share their comments and impression about my post. This is also my opportunity to let others know my journey in life. Its also the common knowledge that blogging is the best way to generate extra income every time you post to it. You get paid to blog for a campaign and make advertisement. Lots of my friends online are doing this and they already get paid for blogging. They are proud to be a members of the Smorty as of now.

We need Smorty to connect us to the advertisers for the entire community.As blogger we are required to write an ideas, opinion or even description for a certain campaign advertisement with a link to advertiser's website. We need to engage into blog advertising. A corresponding amount in every advertise on blogs and approved post that goes to the bloggers. In a weekly basis payments are made through paypal. Blog for money is a good opportunity to earn money online. To all interested don't hesitate to register now.