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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sexiest Body Award

I got this sexiest body award from my 2 charming friends Sweetie and Avee. Thank you girls for making me the most hottiest and very sexiest woman in the world. And to all my precious friends namely Lanie, Twinkletoe, Rocks, Julia, Anna, Annie, Ann, Chalyza, Carolyn, Ivy, Yen, Jennyr, Arlene, Lucel, Raquel, Glorie, Lynn, Lisa, Liza, Sweetie, Butchay, Janine, Michelle, Poray, Darlene, Sexymom, frynz, Toni, Lira, Joy, Retchel, Precious, Cora, Jaja, Joydob, Prettylife, Amy, Eds, Bless, Hanna, Chant, Ricka, Sheng, Mabelle, Juliana, Cecil, thet, Emz, Avee, Rojoy, Denzyl, Janet and my new blogger friend Mina and Chinny.



jennyr said...

uy ha! ganahan man sad ta ani Norms! salamat kaau ha! i'm posting this at my!

Michelle said...

hi norm, posted this one already. here's the link.

Amy said...

wow, apil diay ko ani sexiest body award. wink* thanks a lot girl:)

happy hearts day kanimo dinha..