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Friday, February 15, 2008

Lady In Red

Pretty friends Twinkle , Darlene and Juliana tagged me this something red tag or lady in red tag. I'm so thankful because I have lots of pictures wearing red t-shirts because red is one of my favorite color. This picture was taken last Jan.1 (new year lasing yata) here in Canada. And I love to pass this tag to Mabelle, Joy and Rose. To upload your photo just click here and it will guide you to go to the site or else click my beautiful photo. Don't forget to leave your comments girls! take care and God bless and love you all.



1. Post YOUR photo wearing red, may it be a red top, bottom, the least would be red accessories if you hate wearing red… If you can’t find one, you still have an option…. Either post your Significant Other’s photo or your child’s photo, if you have one. Of course, they should be wearing red.

2. Let us know the reason why you were wearing red that particular day. Was it your birthday? Is red your fave color or was it the shirt that you first saw in your closet that day?

3. Tag 3 people close to your heart. By the way, they have to be in your blogroll. No cheating heart pleaseeeeeeee!

4. Once you’re tagged, could we please keep it going - just for this month?


1) Here's my picture



Rosemarie said...

elow ate norms gd am po salamat po sa tagged ate luv u po mwaaaaaaah.

ang cute mo naman po sa picture ate ang ganda ng kuha mo po...

take always po and god bless you po mwaaaaaaah