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Friday, February 15, 2008

Chocolate Pleasure

I love the pleasure of chocolate
As it melts upon my tongue
It dribbles all through my mouth
And squishes around my gums

I close my eyes for a moment
As my senses are quite aware
Of the delicious wondrous flavor
Of chocolate lingering there

There are so many chocolate flavors
The dark and the medium too
White chocolate is truly scrumptious
Just perfect, my friend, for you

So whenever you need something sweet
You must try this simple treasure
Just pop a morsel into your mouth
And enjoy some chocolate pleasure!

Marilyn Lott



Nance said...

chocos ... luv them, specially dark!
Happy Monday, Norm!

Mabelle said...

wow yummy naman!heheh ako na pud labay-labay.humana man ko himo sa ko tasks :D