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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Cheer Me Up And You’re An E Awards

Excellent is for the person who have tried their best and have done everything in life. Thank you Chikai, Rich and Teban for this Cheer Me Up and Excellent awards and I would like to pass this tag to Lotis, Tere, Gina, Summer, Tina, Juliana, Pam, Brian, Lira, Butchay, Cecil, Carolyn, Gracie, Mabelle, Colin, Prettylife, Raquel, Apexjess, Lisa, Jaja, Apple, Avee,Diwata, Jennifer, Sexymom Rechel and Rickavieves.



Maria Justine said...

got this award already te normz but thanks for passing it to me :) appreciate it a lot :)

My World said...

thanks sis. appreciate it.


Rickavieves said...

Hi LadyNorms, Nice here :-) u are really creative! :-) thnks for this award! :-) I appreciated it!