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Friday, January 11, 2008

I hate and I love to

A tagged from my best Prettygirl, Amy and Joy and love to pass to Carolyn, Lisa, Liza, Losel, Marie Grace, Recel, Jhona, Rojoy and Toni.
1. I love to eat: Love ice cream, durian meron ka?
2. I hate to eat: Fatty foods
3. I love to go: Travel around the world
4. I hate to go: Crowded places
5. I love it when: When I got a call from Phils
6. I hate it when: I have no money
7. I love to see: My friends and family in the Philippines.
8. I hate to see: My enemy
9. I love to hear: Music
10. I hate to hear: Bad comments against me



**"Liza"** said...

oyyy Norm I did this already I grab it from Yen..;)tag me again next time ok..;)Salamat pala!

Amy said...

Norms, Congrats for winning the Filipino Blog of the Week! and thanks for the doing the tag also. tc

JOY said...

I hate to see my enemy hahahaha..natatawa ako Norms..tapang mo ata..

Paul and Toni said...

hi norms! i did this already. here are my answers to your tag! thanks for the tag sis! :)