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Friday, December 28, 2007

Treasure Award

Wow an excellent award! imagine my blog is a treasure, ang yaman ko naman. Thanks to my friend Prettylife, you're a good treasure friend to be cherish and of course same as usual pass this treasure award to my precious friends online Carlota, Amy, Anna, Anne, Arlene, Bless, Brian, Lollie, Mabelle, Marichu, Jennie, Lucel, Ivy, Chalyza, Rosemarie, Teebob and Ladynred.



Jennie said...

Thanks for the tag sis! You're indeed a treasure to cherish! I will always be thankful to have found a friend in you. God bless ha! Happy New Year sis! :-)

Mabelle said...

mana man ko anig himo :D.thanks so much.

Amy said...

matsalam daghan kaau dae norms.. got the same award from pretty juliana too:) tua ako na gipa pilit sa ako blog, og starring sab ka didto. wink*

My World said...

hi1 norm, thanks so much for this award. appreciate it.

btw, happy new year to you and your family.

Arlene said...

hey girl! thanks for the award! it's it already:)

Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe.... you are welcome pretty girl! Happy New year|