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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Show me your wallet?

I got this tagged from Prettylife two weeks ago. Well, my old wallets brand is Marithe Francois Girbaud and whats inside my wallet? of course my pics, IDs such as PRC licence, Deped, TIN, Health card, SIN, Financial card, money and others. And I would like to pass this tagged to my friends Teebob, Mabelle, Amy, Jennie, Lucel, Roselle, Liza, Nance, Chaliza, Brian, Rosemarie and Bless.



Pretty Life Online said...

hehehe thanks girl for doin the tag... More Money for 2008 Year!

Reviews Corner said...

sis!!!! i am so delayed in doing this tag. please dont think i dont appreciate it. i do! tons! i have missed you this past days. the thing is i have deleted my kikaycorner account. i really had to choose, but i settled to keep the

can i do the tag in that page instead? Thanks sis! i am so thrilled to going back reading your entries! i am so excited for you! i feel the excitement! got also for ourselves a brand new laptop for Christmas! it was an answered prayer. hehe. our old pentium3 has been crying out for replacement for years now. hehe. God bless you ha!